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Pilot Projects


Package Delivery


  • The Home Test is a Mouth Swab test.

  • Results can be provided within 30 minutes.

  • A questionnaire (risk assessment) of participants must be mailed back to VDH.

  • We are currently working towards meeting VDH compliance criteria to elevate service to Rapid HIV testing.

Condom Distribution

  • ARCC has a contractual agreement with VDH to order and distribute condoms to the public and to vendors.

  • The condoms given are free and they are apart of ARCC outreach efforts.

  • We also distribute STI literature along with the condoms.

  • The vendors include Barber Shops, Psycho-Educational Day Treatment programs, Intensive In Home  Counseling Agencies, Corner Stores and etc.


Mail Order/Condom Delivery Service

  • Consumers can order condoms through ARCC website.

  • Free condoms will either be delivered or mailed on a monthly basis

  • Variety of Selections:

    • Latex, non-latex, flavored, multiple brands, female condoms

Education & Outreach

  • Community Presence Involvement: Parades, Health Fairs, Community Programs

  • Fundraisers

  • Develop Partnerships: Colleges, Health Clinics, Community Agencies and etc

  • Community Organizational Involvement: Tidewater HIV Advisory Board, City Council Meetings, NAACP, Community Boards and etc.  

Image by Perry Grone

Volunteer/Community Service

  • Volunteer Applicants must be approved through the Executive Director

  • Volunteer roles and responsibilities will be specifically identify

  • ARCC is receptive to  Community Service applicants. (We currently do not have any official partnerships with municipalities).

Social Media Vlog

  • Rodrick Mason is our Vlogger

  • Social Media is a platform to address HIV education, Stigma and elevate understanding of scientific advancement in HIV research as well as cultural issues.

  • The LGBT & Black community are severely impacted therefore both target-populations will be addressed and discussed.

Therapy Session

Positive Impact

  • Support group for HIV Positive Individuals

  • Group Meetings

  • Community involvement

  • Activism 

Positive Village

  • Support Group for HIV poz individuals and allies (family and friends supports)

  • Provide HIV Education and identify strategies of family support

  • Address the anatomy of Stigma

Support Group
Programs: Programs
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